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What do you want done with your body after you die?

Burned, cremated, till no trace of me exists; and scattered through space. I want to become a part of star and live in the universe as a part of the sky.

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I was an hour late for my class.
Luckily, I got to hand in my project on time. And it was graded well. Although I should have grouped my layers and other photoshop jargon. The traffic in Dallas was worse than usual hence why I was late today. Also, I left the house 20 after 7 so I was already on the road to ruin even before I got into the car.
Good news is that today Jordan and I should get home at around 6:30pm tonight. Seems like nothing at the moment though. I mean, it's better than getting home at 10:30pm but I wish we could get home earlier to get some chores done. It seems like since school started that I have no time to do anything. I have to get to be at a reasonable time tonight since I have work real early tomorrow morning. (I have to be there by 7:30am which Mean I have to be up at 6am to get ready.) In retrospect, it's not that bad since I get out of work at 2. (Hopefully we're slow so I could go home at 1:30 or even 1.)

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Do you believe society will ever truly overcome racism?

I think so.
People first need to be find humor in hating each other for such trivial things in the first place. and people should stop taking themselves so seriously and taking words so personality. I know words can hurt sometimes but don't give the person who said it to have such power over you.

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Do you think your parents made any major mistakes in how they raised you? If so, how did it affect you?

I could try to find something wrong. I really could but the only mistake my parents made were not getting back together after the divorce. But my parents were wonderful. My Dad is affectionate and warm and very together oriented. He also likes to celebrate the little things and is quick to fix a problem. My Mom is a ball buster but compassionate. Shes sweet and sour but always takes care of all of us in little ways so when we think back to how we got here and how we're are doing in our lives we can think to the help she provided and remember that with out her we wouldn't be able to make it.
I love my parents and to ever see any mistakes they made would just be me trying to find something wrong in what is already perfect. Who dose something like that to the two people who gave them so much?

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I wasn't tagged or anything. I saw it and felt like doing it.

Let’s do the Sexy Meme!

Rules: It’s simple; just list the top 15 things you find sexy in the opposite (or same!) sex and why. Then tag 15 people to do the same thing (don’t say if you read this you’re tagged and you can’t tag the person that tagged you)! I don't want to tag anybody.

1. Strong jaw line.
It's just fun to look at. It frames the best part of a mans face and is the last thing to you notice but is an important detail.

2. Lips. Soft and just a tad full.
I love it when a man has lips that make a natural grin. Even when they aren't doing anything remotely interesting they always look confident and happy to do anything.

3. Broad shoulders.
It makes a man more dominate and strong looking. It's something to hold onto while dancing.

4. Muscular arms.
Also fun to hold on to.

5. Shapely Pectorals.
Great to see at the beach and when I fall asleep that's where my head would be.

6. Long legs.
Men are suppose to have them.

7. Height.
I like a guy who's taller than me. I always have since I went through a growth spurt in middle school.

8. Eyes.
I like brown and green eyes but I like it when a guy looks at me in the eye. I then know hes a person and a real human when he dose. (That's weird to say but it's always a sign a respect when you can look a person in the eye while they're talking.)

9.Hair/facial hair.
5 o'clock shadow are always hot and a pretty dark hair is always sexy. A man should always have hair; either hair or a sexy buzz cut.

10. Clear complexion.
It's ok to have a few zits. We all get them. But I don't think I could like a guy who's face looks like a cobble stone road.

11. Smooth voice.
Nothing nastily or loud. Some times a voice can sound really annoying and I can't stand to listen to it.

12. Knows about geek stuff. (video games, cult movies, internet stuff, anime)
Whats more sexy than having something in common?

13. Good hygiene.
A clean body is always sexy.

14. Scent.
Smelling good is so sexy. AND COLLEGE IS SEXY. Axe and other body sprays aren't...

15. Good fitness.
Healthy is and forever will be sexy.

You know, this meme reminds me.

Jason Statham is soooooo fucking sexy.

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Are there any scents that invoke childhood memories?

oh yes.
now this might seem like the corniest thing but freshly baked apple pie smells like my childhood since i used to bake apple pies with my grandma.

...I should make an apple pie...

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M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

...fucking A.

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Because I want to cosplay some more in the future and also I don't want to sew anything I deiced to look around for inexpensive weeaboo clothes to wear at conventions to camera whore with. Here's what I found and might buy for the future. (will strike out when bought/ordered.)

Haruhi costume: Short Sleeve
Haruhi costume: Long Sleeve
Lucky Star Long Sleeve Costume
Miku Hatsune Costume
Maid Costume (Shut up. I've kind of...always wanted to wear one...)

ACCESSORY588:Lepord Penny Pouch
Pink&Black Kint Hat
Konata Figure
Sock Glue
Play Boy Black Knee Socks
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So I just got back from an outing with my dad. we don't go out very much because neither of us get the time and we rarely have the money. tonight we put our pennies together and went out to find mom a birthday card. (it's her birthday tomorrow.) then we went to Starbucks. We had fun talking about things. I like learning about my dad. there are things that he'd never tell me when i we younger but now I'm learning all sorts of things.

I tried a blue berry muffin at Starbucks. It... sucked.

After I deiced to try this place called "Tutti Frutti". I love this place. It's cheap and really cute. I got cheese cake yogurt with all sorts of berries and kiwi. Dad thought it looked to healthy to be a dessert. I liked it a lot. I'm trying to get Jordan to take me so he can try it too.

I've also been trying to find the best place to get a cappuccino in my area. I've basically been looking at the chain restaurants. I plan on trying other restaurants and little family owned places. (note to self: try that french bakery near the golden bowl and comic book store.) So far I've tried Panera, Starbucks, and La' Madeline's cappuccino. I've started a list of which tasted best. Although I don't think it's quite fair yet because the Panera I worked at just got a new espresso machine. That should improve the taste of the cappuccino by a lot... I'll refine the list as soon as I try more but so far the list goes as fallows.
From best to worst the best place to get a cappuccino is...
1. Starbucks. (Thick rich foam with rich espresso.)
2. La' Madeline. (Great price. Delicate foam and decent tasting espresso.)
3. Panera. (Watery, flavorless espresso. Silky foam but it couldn't resurrect the espresso.)

I know that it's not right to have an opinion until I try the new espresso machine but at least it's a start.

Oh yeah. Adventure Time is a good show. It's on cartoon network now every monday at 8.
Go watch it.

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